Saturday, November 26, 2011

Charmed Prints Quilt Along- Pinwheel/Right and Left Block

The second (and last) feature block of the QAL is a Pinwheel. It is also called a Left and Right Block. I was really excited about this one. I had never heard or seen this block before. I really like it and I am happy to have learned something new to use on my quilting adventures.

I had a little trouble with the block at first because I sewed two of my triangle sets backwards. Whoops! It was an easy fix and, mistake aside, this block is super simple to do. I love how it looks. I foresee this block coming into play in some quilts in my future.

I also have fabric cut to do some more feature squares. We start assembling the quilt top soon so I need to get on making the other squares ASAP! Hopefully I'll have them done before Tuesday when the next step is posted over at Generation X Quilters.

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