Friday, July 29, 2011

Quilt Blocks For A Good Cause

Sorry that I have been so slcak about posting. It seems that once I had the time to really get down and focus on quilting and made the decision to start a blog life decided to become crazy so my craft time (a.k.a. "Me Time") became limited.  I have managed to do a few things for myself. Mainly cutting out applique shapes or cross stitching simply becuase I can do those things on my lunch break. I close the door, eat my lunch and spend the rest of the time focusing on something other than work, life, chores, etc. Plus it has been helping me be better at bringing my lunch and not wasting gas driving around. Besides it is hot in Georgia during the day!!

The few times that I have had to get behind my machine I have spent working on blocks for a quilt for Margaret's Hope Chest. I found out about them through another blog and went to their blog/site to check them out and see what they were about. And there I saw it. It was like it was there just for me. Blocks needed for a girl's quilt. She had three requests: Purple, pink and...cats. 

Long ago I had started on a quest to make a big lounge around type quilt out of cat fabric. Nothing fancy-just a bunch of 4.5" squares sewn together but each one would be a different cat fabric. So as you can imagine I managed to fill my fabric space with cat fabric. Lots and lots of cat fabric.  Since most of it was fat quarters and yardage and all I needed was a 4.5" square you can imagine the amount of left over. I've slowly been giving it away/selling precut squares of it, but this quilt was just perfect.

Instead of just doing the 2 blocks they ask for I went ahead and volunteered to do as many blocks as they still needed, which ended up being six. The pattern was PS I Quilt's Block O'Strings Block Tutorial.  It was really fun and I loved the results. I plan to do this with some other fabrics that I have, but didn't know what to do. 

It felt good to finally be able to do some sewing and even better to do it for a good cause.