Friday, April 29, 2011


And so the adventure begins! After years of staring at the patterns, collecting fabrics, and then being too overwhelmed to start, I am finally taking the plunge and beginning to put together "My Cat's Garden" by Maggie Walker Designs. 

The fabrics in the picture are for the cat and the background. I went through my whole box of batiks before I realized I didn't have any purple ones for the flowers. This first block has about 86 pieces, but I'm ready!

I owe a BIG thanks to Robin from Crafty Musings.  She has done this quilt and it is stunning! I saw it on her blog. She gave me some great advice and now I feel ready to start! Thanks Robin!!!



  1. Animals always return your love, unless they have medical issues. What they give is greater than what they receive and that's the beauty of having them around.

  2. How exciting! Don't you just love the feeling when starting a new project? The fabrics look great-- I look forward to seeing how they all come together as a kitty. :)