Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My First Post Ever!!

Hi everyone! This is my first post for my first blog. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time! I haven't quite figured this whole Blogger thing out yet so please bare with me as I learn what the heck I'm doing.  I recently stumbled upon the world of quilting blogs and what can I say? I was hooked the minute I made that first mouse click! I have loved reading and admiring the quilts and projects the authors of the blogs I follow create and want to join in on the fun! So welcome to The Quilting Cats!

I have two cats who run the roost so to speak when it comes to my quilting time.  One can't seem to grasp the idea that what I am doing is more important then him at the time and therefore is involved in every aspect of quilting. Here he is trying to help me stipple a quilt. This quilt took forever to quilt since I had to stop to keep removing his helpful self.

The other kitty is more of the supervisor. She has a certain spot in the room that is hers and she watches. Most of the time while she is doing that she's meowing directions or criticism in my direction. After I finally finished the quilt above she had some words to say about it. I like to think they were good! She likes to talk. She was even talking while I was trying to take her picture. I think she said "Make sure to get my good side!"

And since I showed you the cats that helped it come together here is what the finished quilt looks like...

The leopard print fabric on the top, the backing and binding are all Bernatex minkee. This was a kit I have had for FOREVER. I'm glad I got it done. It is the perfect nap/cuddle quilt for the couch. It was fun to do, although I am still cleaning up minkee fuzz!!

Well that is it. First post of my first blog is officially done! YAY!! I hope you enjoy my blog!


  1. ahhh Welcome to blog land!!! xx Im your first comment EVER!! xx Look forward to reading all about your quilting projects and endevours! xx

  2. How exciting!!!! Welcome to blogland! :) I love the minkee quilt... I've never seen one with flying geese before. It is a great look. And oh, so snuggly looking. Mmmm... ready for a nap now.

  3. Woo hoo! Happy 1st Blog. I think your cats have great taste in quilts. Leopard minkee looks great.

  4. Aww, my white cat is the super-involved one, too.

  5. Welcome to Blogland!! Your kitties are so cute!! Your quilt is just gorgeous!!