Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simple Halloween Wall Hanging

I made a simple Halloween wall hanging for my sister. I used Fairy Frost in a cream color for the background so it would have just a little shimmer.  The fabric is so pretty in person and I my picture doesn't do it any justice! The binding fabric is a scrap of black with gold stars. I was lucky and had enough of it to bind it and use it for the backing. 

I didn't miter the corners when I did the binding. I put on the two sides first and then cut the binding to be level with the top and bottom. For the top and bottom I cut two pieces of binding and then hemmed the raw edges under. That way when I sewed it on I could slide in ribbon to use as a hanger. Since the ribbon goes through the binding and is tied when it hangs it tends to make the top corners "curl" into the middle. A wooden kitchen skewer cut just a little smaller then the finished edge and slid into the binding give the piece stability and weight so the ribbon doesn't pull the edges. (That was my fun tip of the day! ;) )

I made this for my sister who doesn't do much Halloween decorating and has a small apartment. A little something to hang on the wall.  The design, which came from Embroidery Library, is so her as well. She loved it.

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  1. That is such a cute wallhanging! And I love your idea for hanging it with the ribbon-- I've not heard of anything quite like it before. Very cool.